Dear loyal customers,

We have some great news!

But, first, a few words about our Baldwin location (currently closed due to the next-door fire on June 9, 2017): we’re still planning on re-opening. However, the rebuilding process is taking much, much longer than anticipated. Currently, there is still no timeline or a tentative re-opening.

We can’t wait any longer, so we are opening a *NEW* restaurant on Ossington!!!  Don’t worry, though.  As was mentioned, we are still planning on re-opening at 31 Baldwin St.  In any event, our new restaurant is called THE SHOZAN ROOM. Taking into account the Ossington neighbourhood, we’ve decided to take a more contemporary approach on Japanese food. We call it the “Japanese New Wave.”

The dishes will be bolder, more creative, and more refined than the cuisine you’ve come to know at Kon-nichi-wa. It still draws on our Japanese heritage. However, it’s Japanese food, re-imagined.

Our tentative opening is sometime late-December or early-Jan 2019.

Until then, please visit our social media pages (links on our new website: We’ll be posting updates there.

Hope to see everyone soon!

All the very best,

Kohei, Michiko, & Squid Ti