Owners, Kohei Matsuyama (pictured left) and Michiko Takahashi (pictured right), have an extensive history working in the hospitality industry in both Canada and Japan.

Chef and co-owner, KOHEI MATSUYAMA, has over 20 years experience working at some of the most prestigious restaurants in Tokyo and Toronto. For 15 years, Chef Matsuyama worked at the Takanawa Prince Hotel in Tokyo, Japan preparing highly specialized and gourmet dishes. In Toronto, Matsuyama worked at the top-rated Katsura Japanese Restaurant at the Westin Prince Hotel as Sous-Chef.

Chef Matsuyama is trained in the art of Edo-Kaiseki–a highly skilled and haute cuisine dating back to the historic periods of the shogun and samurai.

MICHIKO TAKAHASHI is the manager and co-owner. Like Chef Matsuyma, she has extensive experience working at high-end Japanese restaurants in Toronto (Katsura/Westin Prince), Ottawa (Yakitori House), and Japan.