Summertime favourite: Hiyashi Chuka Now Here!

Relax and enjoy the hot summer days with this classic Japanese cold noodle dish.

Here’s how we prepare our Hiyashi Chuka:

(1) Place chilled noodles on a plate:


(2) Add fresh vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, seaweed), egg omelette, kani-kama, and ham:


(3) Place toppings onto noodles:


(4) Add a homemade sesame-soy vinaigrette:


(5) And voila!


Come and enjoy this summertime favourite.  Hiyashi Chuka is available only for the summer months ($12.5).  And watch out for the Karashi (yellow mustard)!  It’s eye-watering-can’t-breathe hot!